Postpartum and Newborn Care

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Our team of midwives strives to enhance and improve the health of the women we serve by focusing on the normalcy of pregnancy and empowering women to make the best decisions about their health care options based on her individual needs. We have extensive training and significant experience with pregnancy, labor and delivery and comprehensive well-woman care.

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The period of time following the birth of your newborn is known as the postpartum or postnatal period. A midwife’s services continue in the days and weeks following the delivery of the baby, some of the most challenging and exciting times for mothers and families.

The mother and baby are closely monitored by the midwife following birth. The midwife will monitor a woman’s physical well being, review birth stories, provide emotional support, as well as perform physical exams of the mother and newborn.

Postpartum care begins immediately following the birth of the baby and includes:

  • Newborn exam
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Mother’s care and physical exam
  • Advice regarding infant care

During this time, the midwife can also address any health problems, concerns or questions the mother may have regarding her general well being and newborn care.

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